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Chongqing, Chongqing 400060

Tel: 0086-02362940030
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Type of Business: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Exporter
Employees: 100
Year Established: 2009
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011
Annual Sales Volume: $25M to $74M
Export Percentage: 41-60%
Annual Purchasing Volume: $75M to $199M
Contract Manufacturing: OEM Services Offered
Ownership Type: Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Registered Capital: $101,000 to $250,000
Harmonized System Codes: 8421

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Contact with :Cindy
My mobilephone No:+86-13883124971
My office No:+86-23-62940030
My fax No:+86-23-62940030

Chongqing Gold Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise for researching, designing, developing and producing oil treatment equipment. With its continuous drawing of lessonas, unremitting innovation and borrowing of advanced technology from both at home and abroad, our company is now becoming a professional manufacture of oil purifiers which are excellent in quality, capable of standing wear, complete in various styles. And its aviation, ship, railway, pharmacy and edible oil processing. Though highly acclaimed and favorably accepted by numerous customers and possessed of the right to import and export, to ensure the high quality of our products, we conduct our manufacturing in strict accordance with the standard JB/T5285-2001 by Ministry of Machine Building, standard DL/T521-2004 by Ministry of Power Industry.

Through many years effort, we registered China Hangyu Industry Co.,ltd by controlling and holding the shares of stock. Our main products range is mechanical and electrical products (compact machinery, concrete machinery, pavement machinery, scraper armed, road machinery, small machinery, hoisting machinery, fire engine, sanitation equipment, pile-driving machinery, bridge inspection car, lorry-amount crane, overhead working truck, mining machinery, aerial work platforms, forklift, car and motorbike etc.) Chemical products(calcium carbide, activity clay, light soda ash, heave soda ash etc.). We have developed sales channels in many countries and regions such as Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Regions of Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, North and South America etc, and have gained strong advantage and high reputation in international market.

We have persisted on the business idea of "Integrity Basis and Quality First" for the stable and constant development. We are making effort to develop together with customers from both domestic and abroad on the basis of reciprocity. Client, quality and service are our supreme target!

Main Products:

1. Insulating oil purifier
1.1 HY Series Waste Insulating Oil Purifier
1.2 Used Insulating Oil Purifier
1.3 ZJA Double-stage High-Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier
1.4 ZJA Series Waste Insulating Oil Purifier
1.5 High Efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier
1.6 ZJA Double-stage High Vacuum Oil Purifier
1.7 ZJB Series High-Efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier for Transformer Oil
2 Turbine oil purifier
2.1 ZJC-T Series Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier
2.2 ZJC-T Vacuum Filter for Turbine Oil
2.3 ZJC-T Series Vacuum Oil-Purifier special for Turbine Oil
2.4 DYJC Online Oil Purifier for Turbine Oil
2.5 ZJC-T Series Turbine Oil Recycling Plant
3.Lubricating oil purifier
3.1 ZJC-R Series High Viscosity Lubricating Oil Purifier
3.2 vacuum lubricating oil purifier /oil purification plant
3.3 Vacuum lubricating oil purifier /lube oil recondition /oil regenerate machine
3.4 high effective lubricating oil purifier/ lube oil purification machine/oil treatment
3.5 ZJC-R Series Vacuum Oil Purifier special for Lubricating Oil
3.6 Sell Vacuum Oil Purifier Special for Lubricating Oil (ZJC-R Series)
3.7 ZJC-R Series Vacuum Lubricant Oil Purifier
4. Engine oil purifier
4.1 HY Waste Engine Oil Purifier
4.2 HY Series Used Car Engine Oil Purifier
5 . Diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier
5.1 HY Waste Diesel Treatment Plant
5.2 Diesel and Fuel Filtering Equipment
6. Transformer oil regeneration device
6.1 GDYJ-501 Transformer Oil Tester
6.2 2-stage vacuum transformer oil recycling machine
6.3 SYD-0206 Transformer Oil Oxidation Stability Tester
6.4 ZJB Series Transformer Oil Regenerating Plant
7 Portable oil purifying
7.1 YL Series Portable Precision-Filtration P


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